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  • We Are Back Online By God's Help

    Posted on April 01, 2012

    www.presentsealingtruth.org is back by God's grace. The important saving truths for our time will be defended, magnified, and established by the scriptures and further expounded by the gift of prophecy. Tremendous are the signs of the times fulfilling before us, let the watchmen blow the trumpet and warn every man and proclaim the everlasting gospel. Prepare to meet your God!

  • On Eating Habits

    Posted on August 02, 2013

    It is necessary that we eat; each of us is accustomed to a particular routine in eating. But many, whether considering a nutrition program or not, practically have no knowledge that what they are used to doing deteriorates their body slowly.


  • Sweet Potato Tops Salad

    Sweet Potato Tops Salad

    Posted on January 14, 2013

    Sweet potato or camote tops contains   minerals and nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium,  iron, copper, zinc, manganese. It also a good source of protein, dietary fiber and lipid.

    It will be  more benificial to health when made into a salad mixed with other vegetables.